Cute clothes for skinny minis and chubba bubbas

Oishi-m is officially closed


Many thanks for all the love and support over the years, as we grew from handmade clothes and market stalls to one of Australia’s favourite childrenswear brands, with customers cherishing our products from all over the world.  Whilst the Oishi-m Brand has closed, we hope that the communities we have nurtured will continue for many years to come, with clothes that will last the test of time, and memories to match.


Thank You

As we wind down and reflect on our journey of Oishi-m, we wanted to say thanks, to:

Our Customers - who continued to show us unprecedented support and redefine what brand loyalty means, oh we will miss you...

Our Team past and present - who are second to none and always astonished us with their superpowers, grace and integrity...

Our Suppliers - who helped us produce and source the opposite of fast throwaway fashion; products that are made with such quality fabrics, trims and finishes, by the best makers in Australia and the world with so much love…

Our Wholesale Customers - who we deeply respect for the long term relationships that were built between us, and for the communities they fostered from their many doorways all over the world.

Our Kidswear Industry - for the friendships, inspiration and support. We are so proud to have worked alongside some mighty fine people and brands.

Our Surf Coast and the broader Geelong Community - we have been fortunate to live and work in a beautiful, supportive, dynamic community that has shopped with us, worked with us, evolved with us, shared their milestones with us, and supported us through our journey...

Thanks to every one of you - you have taught us more than you can ever imagine.

May your Oishi-m clothing live on with many hand-me-downs and incredible adventures.